Watch the Panel Discussion

Watch the vault panel discussion

We recently hosted a panel discussion on vaults with three industry experts. In case you missed it, we've recorded the whole thing along with captions and slides. Just fill out the form to the left to watch it anytime you'd like.

Learn what these industry experts think about vaults:

  • Vault safety and precautions for testers and maintenance
  • Current regulations, what could change and why
  • Upfront costs and long-term costs of backflow vaults

This is the first free online webinar held with representatives from many sides of the backflow installation equation. Fill out the form above to watch. You'll hear from:




Joe Gildersleeve has served as the manager with the City of Arlington Water Resource Services for 12 years. Water Resource Services safeguards the City of Arlington water and wastewater systems through applicable federal, state and local regulations. These regulations are implemented in the Industrial Pretreatment, Backflow Prevention, Grease Abatement, and Liquid Waste Transporter programs of the City of Arlington Water Utilities.

Sean Cleary is VP of the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute. A 34-year member of UA Local 524 Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, Scranton, Pa., he graduated from their apprenticeship program in 1982. He received his journeyman plumbing license from the City of Scranton in 1983 and received his Master Plumbers License in 1988. He has worked in all phases of the plumbing and mechanical industry.

Chris Mayhew is a certified tester and instructor in Richmond, VA. He teaches both a 40 hour backflow tester certification course as well as an 8 hour installation course. He completed the University of Florida (UF), Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations Center (TREEO) and holds multiple nationally recognized certificates and a Commercial Plumbing Inspector Certificate from the ICC.